From the bottom of the oceans to the deepest in space-Craft Machine Works is there

Welcome To Craft Machine Works

CRAFT MACHINE WORKS is a custom manufacturing facility with a well-equipped machine shop, extensive metals fabrication capability, and design services. The company has a total performance capability unique for an organization of its size. It is able to offer its customers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. Originally a small machine and repair shop, Craft has grown to a company of 150 people with a 100,000 square foot Main Shop and a 40,000 square foot Fabrication Facility. Another 120,000 square feet of facilities are available from its affiliates. Work done by the company spans the gamut from standard machine work to specialized manufacturing. Sizes range from small to the very large. This presents only a few examples of Craft’s diversity and capability! Craft is proud of the work it has done and the equipment that it has built. The company’s record of continuing and repeat service to a constantly increasing family of customers is a by-product of that pride. Utilizing an overhead crane, an adjacent rail siding, trucking lines, and an international port, Craft transports its products, large and small, throughout the nation and overseas. Craft counts among its customers companies recognized as leaders in the fields of aerospace, defense, heavy construction, materials handling, nuclear energy, papermaking, research, and shipbuilding.