From the bottom of the oceans to the deepest in space-Craft Machine Works is there


Certifications and Qualifications

  • AISC—Quality Certification Program
  • ASME—Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • NAVSEA–Standard Item 009-004
  • NQA-1—Quality Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities, 10CFR50-Appendix B
  • MIL-I-45208A—Inspection Systems Requirements
  • MIL-Q-9858A—Quality Program Requirements
  • MIL-STD-45662A—Calibration System Requirements


Craft Machine Works, Inc. designs and manufactures custom-built equipment and components for industrial and defense customers in the United States. It fabricates and manufactures heavy lifts, specialized handling equipment, cryogenics, and nuclear lifts, as well as equipment for sub-sea and space applications. The company also manufactures mechanical assemblies and structures, and bearing components. It serves army, navy, D.O.E., NASA, and other government agencies; and commercial customers in construction equipment, steel/paper mill equipment, power generation, bulk material handling, and specialized lifting fixtures industries. Craft excels where requirements for fabrication, machining and assembly must effectively converge to create large and complex components meeting stringent standards.

Engineering Craft engineers use AUTOCAD to engineer and design a wide variety of equipment for many types of applications-Crafts staff of multi-disciplined engineers and designers provide the ability to integrate structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components.

Machining With over 50 machine tools, including multi-axis CNC equipment, large open and closed planers, large horizontal and vertical boring mills, Craft’s machining shop can handle any size job. Craft’s machining capabilities include over fifty machine tools available to turn and bore large parts up to 25 feet in diameter and 13 feet high. Lathes can turn 66 inch diameters up to 25 feet in length. Mills have up to 26 feet of continuous horizontal travel and 11 feet of vertical travel.

Fabrication Craft offers its customers 40,000 square feet of burning, forming, fitting and welding capability in steels, aluminum and exotics. Craft’s fabrication facility is served by 40 ton overhead lift capacity and CNC, Oxy-fuel and Plasma cutting machines routinely handle materials up to 15 inches in thickness in 20 foot widths and 4O foot lengths. Shears and bending equipment have capacity for 10 foot width materials up to 1 inch in thickness. Weld positioners are rated up to 20 tons. SMAW, GMAW, FCAW,  and GTAW  processes are used for mild steels, low alloy steels, stainless steel, nickel alloy and copper alloys.

Assembly and Finishing—The large assembly shop at Craft is equipped to handle the assembly, testing and finishing of equipment, from small components to complete systems. The large assembly shop is equipped with a 40 ton overhead crane which is used to handle heavy components. Full operational testing is available for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrically powered assemblies. Hydrostatic and load testing is also available. A dedicated blast and paint facility supports the complete manufacturing, assembly and test capability.