From the bottom of the oceans to the deepest in space-Craft Machine Works is there

About Us

In 2009 Craft Machine Works, celebrated its 50th Anniversary.Founded in 1959 in a garage behind Mr. Schrums house, its humble beginnings in Hampton,Virginia have evolved over the years into a formidable Custom Manufacturer and a name that is recognized throughout numerous industries. Shown here are Jake Schrum and his eldest son Dannie Schrum, the company’s founder, posing before a model of one of the 23 (60) Ton Portal Cranes Manufactured for various Naval Shipyards.

The early days, before CNC machining, servicing many local customers, Craft established its core manufacturing processes relating to small to medium machining services and Fabrications.

CRAFT manufactured this hydraulic train postioner along with a Railcar Dumper to service the coal industry by positioning railcars onto the dumper for dumping the content.

CRAFT displayed a broad range of capabalites to the goverment when it received a contract to design, build, test and deliver 23 cranes. pictured here is one of Craft’s 60 Ton Portal Cranes.

CRAFT’s vertically integrated manufacturing capability is highlighted here by the complex multui-displinary welded and mechanical assembly.

Here is an example of CRAFT’s multui-displinary capability of pre-machining, prefabricating, stress relieving, final machining and then final prep and finishing for a complex. disimiliar metal welded and machined component.